New glow lyrics Status editing | Technical Miraj.

New glow Lyrics


How to make this Status


Step 1. To create this status video, you have to open the Alite Motion app, then you have to click on the + icon below, then you have to select the format and click on Create Project. 



Add song beat Mark


Step 2. To adding song beat Mark frist you have to go to my link below after that you have to click on download link after that you can add song beat Mark easily



Write lyrics


Step3. For writing lyrics frist you have to click on + icon and then you have to click on add text and you can write you song lyrics



Export Video 


Step 8. for exporting video Frist you have to click on arrow then click on Export button below 



New glow lyrics status editing | Technical Miraj




Click on Link below


Song Beat mark link


Font download link


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