Trending Tip tip barsha song Status editing k

Trending Status editing


Hello Guys ! Today in this video I will teach you on Trending Song Tip-Tip Barsha Paani Status Video Editing, I hope you will definitely like this video.


How to make this Status


Step 1. Open your kinemaster frist and select 9:16 retio and go to the settings  on ethen click on editing and seletc Fill screen  



How to add image


Step 2. After opening kinemaster you have to  photos. Click on media and select and add photos from your folder



Add Song


Step 3.  Now add song –  The first click on layer then By clicking on the media and adding our video, we have to extract the audio. After that click on extract audio for remove audio from video



How to add Light effect video 


Step 4. click on layer then media and select light effect video from your folder 



How to use blending mode


Step 5. Click on light effect video and then select blending option and click on screen to remove blending from your video 



Export Video 


Step 7. Click on Right side corner arrow for exporting video then select retio and click on export button 




Materials link is below


Trenidng Tip tip barsha song Status editing.



Click On download button 


Kinemaster Pro Link

Download Song

Partical Video

Download Border PNG

Kinemaster New Version 5.0



Thanks for reading my post for more information watch my videos on YouTube ( Love Status fw) 


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